Luana Andrade died after complications from liposuction on her knees and thighs

Luana Andrade died after complications from liposuction on her knees and thighs

The death of influencer Luana Andrade, last Tuesday (7), took many by surprise. Complications from liposuction surgery on her thighs and knees were the cause of the death of the 29-year-old Domingo Legal (SBT) stage assistant.

Luana’s advisor confirmed to the F5 that the surgery would be performed on these two lower limbs, last Monday (6), at Hospital São Luiz, Itaim unit, São Paulo. The procedure “was carried out by a private surgeon and anesthesiologist hired by the family”, said the statement released to the press.

After approximately two and a half hours of surgery, Luana developed complications that led to the loss of her heartbeat: “The patient experienced an abrupt respiratory event and went into cardiac arrest, and was immediately resuscitated by the team.” “Despite all the team’s efforts, she progressed unfavorably and died around 5:30 am,” concluded the statement.

According to general surgeon and health manager Pedro Archer, liposuction is recommended for people who have a large amount of fat that, even with physical exercise, cannot be eliminated, something known as lipedema.

Vascular surgeon specialist in lipedema Alexandre Amato told Sheet that the procedure has been wrongly used as an aesthetic option. “In the early stages, it’s not necessary. I’m seeing influencers saying that they are operating for lipedema and end up influencing people who think that surgery is the only solution.”

Luana exercised regularly and her last post on Instagram was a photo of her wearing sportswear at a gym in São Paulo. “My favorite place,” she wrote. Pedro Archer gave his opinion to the F5 that the influencer would not be recommended for surgery: “Physical activity with personalized monitoring could work.”

Source: Folha

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