Caetano Veloso remembers one year after Gal Costa’s death and says it is ‘impossible to accept’


Singer Caetano Veloso vented about his friend Gal Costa, who died on November 9, 2022. According to the artist, it is still “impossible to accept” what happened a year ago.

“It’s as if it were yesterday, it’s as if it hadn’t been. Emission of a voice that was already music before it entered some music. It’s not possible to measure it, it’s not possible to understand it. It’s been a year since the world has Gal? Impossible to accept”, he published.

Gal Costa has received a series of honors. One of them is the recently released book “A Todo Vapor – O Tropicalismo Segundo Gal Costa”, authored by researcher Taissa Maia. As the title indicates, the volume, published this Thursday, 9th, reviews the singer’s role in the tropicalista movement, including analyzes of her albums and shows during the period.

Also this Thursday, Gilberto Gil and Mundo Bita, a children’s video channel, released the clip for “Barato Total”, an animation featuring Gal as the character.

Another tribute is the album “Belezas São Negócios Acesas por Dentro”, in which Filipe Catto performs ten of Gal’s songs, released on September 26th, when Gal would have turned 78 years old. In a rock style, hits such as “Esotérico” and “Vaca Profana” are performed — this one, a composition by Caetano Veloso immortalized by Gal.

Source: Folha

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