Are there inappropriate fantasies? I confess that before writing to you, I went into the process of not only thinking about it but also asking. I received various responses. Others to the question, “What is your greatest fantasy,” humorously threw in “null” already giving the answer. Others (the braver ones) told me the fantasy verbatim and their answers directly made me think various thoughts and images.

What does fantasy mean? Someone asked me and I was sure he knew exactly the question but didn’t know how to frame his answer. Should I talk about inappropriate fantasies or lighter examples?

Talk about whatever you want, I replied

Whether a fantasy is appropriate or inappropriate, sorry not sorry, is entirely up to you, and if you don’t know what the ultimate purpose of your fantasies is, then it’s reasonable to feel confused about distinguishing between a “good” or “bad” fantasy.

There are no good, bad, appropriate or inappropriate fantasies though. There are just fantasies and their purpose is to irritate you physically, mentally and mentally. Why you want to act out a fantasy or why you have a romantic thought stuck in your mind or a person who will star in this image, admittedly only you know that and that’s ok. It’s ok, because fantasizing about anything doesn’t define what kind of person you are. Despite what you want.

The “helpful” fantasies

There are thoughts that excite you sexually with the aim of possibly achieving any result. The result usually has to do with your satisfaction, either on a mental or physical level. There is the personal satisfaction if you are alone or alone and of course there is also the satisfaction of someone else, if you have a partner, who for some reason at that particular moment is not enough to lead you to climax. This may or may not be temporary.

So if you need to think about other things during sex that excite you more than the person you have chosen for this act, then it is very likely that he is not the right person to be next to you.

Fantasies are a personal matter

You know why and how you will use them to achieve any sexual or love experience you want in your own way to live. The fact is that you can fantasize about anything, since fantasizing for each of us is different. Someone may fantasize the smallest and most innocent thing while another person the most extreme or the strangest. And this is again subjective and relative, because something that in my eyes seems excessive, for someone else it might be all he needs in his personal and sexual life.

There is no question of morality in fantasy

On the contrary, you have the right to think, envision and fantasize whatever you want and if you are lucky, we wish you to experience all of this. Not just you, but all of us. From our “smallest” to our “biggest” ones. But don’t forget the following: Guilt can be unpleasant or an important reason to go against your fantasies, but they still work in the love field as stimulants. So why criminalize something so normal and healthy as a process? We know if we deserve this.

In other news, nothing can go wrong if you use your imagination wisely and sparingly. Nothing because you don’t stop enjoying these thoughts and of course they irritate you. Some are more physically stimulated, others mentally, and what is most important is to have the judgment to recognize the limits, the principles and the values ​​of the people you meet, always placing yourself in the first position of recognizing all of them.

As long as there is a will, there is harmony

And if you keep a secret, I have to tell you that everything becomes even better when there is imagination. Because the roads where your imagination can lead you can only be explored if you are brave. I wish you to be lucky and even more daring so that you can always realize everything that your mind imposes on you.

I imagine you already know that then we will be talking about a person who is not just happy, but more complete because sexual abstinence is the alpha and omega in our lives.