For extension of the presence of the Greek Patriot artillery in Saudi Arabia and for the wider defense cooperation between Greece and Saudi Arabia, among other things, the ministers of National Defense of the two countries discussed, Nikos Dendias and prince Khalid bin Salmanin Riyadh.

“As is well known, Greece, with an array of ‘Patriot’ missiles, participates in the air defense of the Basileus, but I must say offerand in the wider energy security, because it protects the oil production facilities of Saudi Arabia which are also important for the energy security of Greece”. emphasized Mr. Dendias.

Also, he added, “we talked about the joint exercises between the armed forces of the Kingdom and the Hellenic Republic, but I also had the opportunity to invite Saudi Arabia to participate in the new ecosystem of innovation and defense industries and businesses that we are organizing in Greece. I believe that there is a lot of ground for further tightening of our relations.

In the end, we discussed the larger situation in the Middle East, for Hamas and the terrorist attacks against Israel, but also the need for it whenever possible faster normalization of the situation“, concluded the Minister of National Defense.