BBB 22: Tiago Abravanel decides to take a vow of silence and the web disapproves of the attitude


Actor and singer Tiago Abravanel, currently confined to the 22nd edition of Big Brother Brazil (Globo), said during the X-ray this Friday (4) that he would spend the whole day in silence, after waking up reflective.

“Today I woke up from a very crazy dream. My dreams must be bringing some message, but I still haven’t been able to understand. So today, I’m going to be silent”, he said. During the morning, the artist was sitting on the porch next to Pedro Scooby and did not talk to the athlete.

The surfer questioned the actor about his silence, asking if he had a sore throat. Abravanel nods, nodding, and makes a motion with his hands, moving from his head to his heart. Scooby then says, “Mind, heart, body and soul”.

He then questions whether Abravanel’s vow of silence would only last until Friday night, or if it would extend to Saturday as well. The actor doesn’t answer his friend, and just moves his shoulders. On social media, netizens disapproved of the brother’s attitude.

“Abravanel is now taking a vow of silence. Officially: Bye,” wrote one. “Tiago Abravanel taking a vow of silence, my God it seems that he tries to overcome himself in the boredom with each passing day”, scored a second.

“Tiago Abravanel has reached a new level of boring at BBB by taking a vow of silence,” said another. “Tiago Abravanel is making a vow of silence, simply… A vow of silence at the BBB that the people want to see entertainment”, scored a fourth internet user.

Recently, Ligia and Vivian Abravanel, Tiago’s sisters, said that because of Big Brother Brasil 22 the family is more united and they have been talking to their aunts practically every day in the WhatsApp group.

“We’re even going to meet this weekend,” added Lígia alongside her sister when answering a question from a follower on Instagram about the subject. stating that he is not close to his grandfather Silvio Santos or his aunts, daughters of the businessman.

When answering another question from a follower if they don’t get along with the rest of the family, Ligia denied it. “We get along very well with everyone in the family. What Tiago said that you didn’t understand is that we’re not as close as everyone imagines. When we meet, it’s always very nice,” he said.

Also asked about the matter, Tiago’s mother stated that there is “a big difference between not getting along and not being close”. “I think you didn’t understand very well,” said Cintia, who is the eldest daughter of Silvio Santos, the fruit of the presenter’s first marriage to Maria Aparecida Vieira Abravanel, who died when she was 14 years old.

Source: Folha

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