The truth is that adulthood means different things to everyone. However, we all identify with 41 of them. How many will you identify with?

  1. You want to be invited, but you don’t want to go.
  2. Saying “I’m sorry, but I have to get up early for work tomorrow” is the new “My mom won’t let me”. And you don’t feel any remorse about it.
  3. For adults, sleeping in late means the alarm goes off at 8.
  4. You sound like an old hag every time you complain to someone younger.
  5. Buying gifts for others is boring.
  6. Packing early to make sure you don’t forget anything. But then you unpack to pack again from the beginning, just to be sure.
  7. Starting a movie after 8 is late.
  8. You have your favorite eye in the oven.
  9. The subject of age whenever you talk about your favorite series to children who have never heard of it.
  10. Wondering if that strange feeling you get every morning is because you’re sick or because it’s just morning.
  11. Enjoy eating lunch alone instead of having people all around you.
  12. Spending enough money on bras, jeans and shoes that are good quality to last you longer.
  13. Shopping therapy is the answer to all your problems.
  14. Looking to those older than you to help regardless of whether you are an adult. You just want someone more mature than you.
  15. You feel a melancholy when schools start.
  16. You have a certain moan/puff for every time you have to get up and do something.
  17. Your favorite snacks are healthy ones.
  18. Buying a new dish sponge and a new mop makes you very happy.
  19. Being told you smell good is a compliment.
  20. You’re bound to give your cousin some pocket money once in a while.
  21. You have painkillers for all needs.
  22. Wanting 3 pillows when you sleep, for no reason at all.
  23. When the price of gas drops, you party.
  24. Your bag is a small, mobile pharmacy.
  25. Regretting every opportunity you missed and didn’t sleep. Even for 5 minutes.
  26. Being informed about the offers of the super market.
  27. You hate noise. Especially when it’s done for no reason.
  28. You rarely wear heels because they are impractical.
  29. Every show on TV gives a different meaning to your life.
  30. Not changing your skincare products.
  31. Realizing that your love life is going from bad to worse.
  32. Need glasses to see far.
  33. It freaks you out when people your age become parents by choice.
  34. You make lists for everything. Really about everything.
  35. Run to stores as soon as you know they have offers.
  36. Getting stressed because everything is not in order.
  37. You have a favorite mug for every different drink.
  38. You don’t feel big until a kid calls you “ma’am”.
  39. Dusting fills you with happiness.
  40. The perfect vacation is not having to set an alarm.
  41. Having the classic “we have food at home” argument with your bad self. And to win it.

If you have identified with even half of the above then you are definitely living the adult life. If you have identified with everything… Congratulations!

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