I saw many girls do crazy things to stay thin, says Camila Queiroz at SPFW


Luisa Monte

Upon arriving at Koplexo Tempo, where most of the shows at the 56th edition of São Paulo Fashion Week take place, Camila Queiroz attracts all eyes. She was the “muse” of the Bold Strap show, the brand that closed the Brazilian fashion season this Sunday (12) — and of whoever else was there.

The relationship between Camila and the brand goes through Camila’s most notable work on TV: the series ‘Verdades Secretas’. It was there that she met Peu Andrade and João Ribeiro, creators of the brand and responsible for the sexy and abusive costume she wore on stage. When they thought about choosing a muse for the fashion show, they didn’t even think about a plan B. It had to be Camila. “She is a former model. She delivers a lot on the catwalk and totally represents our girl”, explains Peu.

The interpreter of Angel, Walcyr Carrasco’s character, spoke to the F5 backstage (dressing room, for the intimate) before the show and celebrated his return to the catwalk (it’s his third season). She remembers that returning to the parade in 2022 wasn’t exactly her plan: “It was an invitation that I had accepted to live that special moment with a brand with which I connected so much”, she says.

Camila, now blonde and with colorful highlights in her hair, celebrated the presence of the diversity of bodies on the catwalk “in today’s times, when girls still die on stretchers seeking perfection.” Influencer Luana Andrade died this week after liposuction on her knees.

“Perfect bodies no longer exist,” said Camila. “It’s not widespread yet, but I think we can bring more representation to the catwalk.”

“I lived in fashion times where being very thin was really required,” she recalled, who started modeling at the age of 14, in 2007. “It was sacrificing, it hurt us. I saw a lot of girls do crazy things to stay thin to be in fashion. catwalk”.

Despite the evolution, she, of course, regrets that fatalities still happen: “It really saddens me as a young woman to see that other women continue to hurt themselves to reach a standard that doesn’t exist.”

The excesses of vanity are also the theme of “Beleza Fatal”, the next and first soap opera on HBO Max, in which Camila will participate as a young lady. Raphael Montes’ text should also address complications in cosmetic surgery. Recordings have already started.

Source: Folha

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