Nominated for New Singer, Thiago Pantaleão discovered that sensualizing brings good results


Maria Paula Giacomelli

Nominated for New Artist at the 2023 Multishow Awards, Thiago Pantaleão did not take home the mug (Bahian singer Melly was the winner), but anyone who thinks he was shaken by this is mistaken. It happened. Panteleão is now focused on his second album, “Nova Era”, which will be released this Thursday (16).

The 26-year-old carioca came out of anonymity a little more than a year ago, with “Fim do Mundo”, and, since then, he has performed with Gloria Groove and become a favorite of Preta Gil, who frequently comments on the singer’s publications. In this new work, he says he is inspired by the funk melody of MC Marcinho (1977-2023) and national hits from the 2000s.

“At this point in my career, I wanted to focus on the music I listened to with my family, go back to my references, and that they weren’t Americanized”, he says in an interview with F5, behind the scenes of the recording of the music video for the song “Malícia”, in São Paulo. The name of the song says a lot about what he intends to focus on from now on. Admittedly, without being like.

The singer is known on social media for his twerking, dancing with sensual movements and exposing his skin, which he also shows on his OnlyFans account. The sensual persona came as an act of freedom. If the bullying he suffered as a child for not being considered beautiful (in plain Portuguese, he was considered an ugly child) remains in his memory, today he walks the catwalk at São Paulo Fashion Week.

“I started working out and working on my self-esteem and people on the internet started saying I was hot. So, with my performance, self-esteem came to music. It was intentional to use this beauty tool in my work, and it will always be “, it says.

Even though he earns more from advertising and shows, he says that having fun on the adult content platform allows for a little extra money, in addition, of course, to stroking his ego.

“There’s always a lot of good money coming in, more than double digits, between R$20,000 and R$30,000. I want to record a rehearsal just there because that’s where I learned to look at myself differently. If I already show off on Twitter and Instagram, why not make money making cookies on another platform, right?”, he jokes.

Source: Folha

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