Sourlis: “With the crowd on our side – I believe I will score again”


THE National Hope gives two pivotal games against the opponent Faroe Islands and Portugal. Both will be held at “Theodoros Kolokotronis”, in a familiar stadium for him Vassilis Sourlis.

His midfielder Astera Tripoli and of the “blue and white”, in his statements he emphasized that he is waiting for the world to be on the side of the players of Elpido, while he stated that he believes that he will score again, as he did with Croatia.

For the upcoming game with the Faroe Islands: We must be focused. Two very difficult games are coming up, first against the Faroe Islands and immediately after against Portugal. First we look at the game against the Faroes which is extremely important and which we want to win. We have to work hard and regularly to be ready and I believe that in the end the result will be good for our team.

His message to the world: Last time there were too many people and in general in all the games I have played with the National Team of Hope it is the first time I have seen such a full stadium. We want the world on our side again and their support is important for us to have the required extra push that we need.

On his goal in the previous game against Croatia and how much he wants to score again: Yes, I think I will score again. We have great quality up front with excellent players that we can combine perfectly.

For the difficulty index in the next game against Portugal: We look first at the Faroe Islands game which is important for us and we have to win it. Certainly Portugal is a very strong opponent with very good players but we also have very good players with quality and I think it will be a very nice match.

For the atmosphere in the ranks of the team: We are a much loved group, a group that is ‘one’ and is united as a ‘fist’. Many children should play more in our country given the rest of the children who play abroad and everyone competes.

Source: Sport Fm

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