Daughter of Glória Pires responds to criticism for showing family mansions: ‘We are really rich’


Ana Cora Lima

Antonia Morais, 31, daughter of Glória Pires and Orlando Morais, recently shared some videos on TikTok showing the family’s mansions in Angra dos Reis and Brasília. The films accumulated millions of views in just a few hours, and the singer and actress received criticism for exposing the luxurious properties.

Internet users saw arrogance and unnecessary ostentation on Antonia’s part. She says she doesn’t care who judges her. “We really have a very good financial condition. It’s true that we are rich and no money was stolen”, she says to F5.

She continues: “I didn’t care what they said. It was money worked. They [Gloria Pires e Orlando Morais] they worry from a very early age.” For Antonia, if her critics were more excited about the life they lead — however far they may be from the standards she showed to millions of internet users —, things would be very different.

“People have to enjoy life a little more. They have to take things less seriously, you know? TikTok is a place of lightness and I think there’s nothing wrong with me wanting to show my house. I showed it and everything is fine “, she added, shortly before her mother’s inauguration ceremony at the Brazilian Academy of Culture, at a party that took place on Tuesday night (14), in Rio de Janeiro.

Bento, Antonia, Gloria Pires, Ana and Orlando Morais – Santiago de Andrade/AgNews

Source: Folha

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