Silvia Abravanel says she already left the SBT studios in tears because of one of her sisters


Silvia Abravanel has already left the SBT studios crying several times and the person responsible for the anguish and sadness was someone very close to her: her sister Patrícia. The presenter said that her professional colleague at the station and wife of the former federal deputy, Fábio Faria, needed to attract more attention during the recording of the programs and that, on several occasions, she felt isolated. “She isolated me.”

“Patrícia is very jealous, she has always been very jealous. I just wanted her to appear and just for her to stand out. She would get in front of me on camera and isolate me”, began Silvia, venting during her participation in the Bagaceira Chique podcast. She stated that the situation reached its most critical point during the 2015 Telethon recordings.

“She came to me and said: ‘get there, give your message, talk about Luana and stay quiet for the entire program’. I didn’t understand very well, but I cooperated. It started to hurt me, I was on the air, and the whole of Brazil he saw me. I found a ‘way’ to get off the stage, and I left crying”, said Silvia, who already had a fight with her nephew, Tiago Abravanel, as soon as the actor left BBB 22.

Silvia hinted that other episodes involving her sister had happened more often and she would always have been emotionally ill at the station. “There was no need for that. Really, I don’t sing, I don’t tap, I don’t dance, but I think it was a jealousy thing, ‘let me just show up'”.

Despite the unpleasant situation, the presenter decided to move on and time was the best solution to overcome the crisis with her sister. “I was hurt, but I started to give it less importance. I’m jealous too, but I always wanted my sisters to grow up. Each one had and still has their own space and I found myself in the [programa] childish”, he acknowledged.

Silvio Santos’ number 2 daughter also said that maturity and love for the family put an end to disagreements. “The family won in the end and I love my sister. It’s over and everything is fine” she added.

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Source: Folha

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