Olivia Colman talks candidly about a terrifying paparazzi experience she had in London that led her and her family to make the decision to move.

During her interview with British Vogue, the actress also opened up about how she really feels about her growing fame and the negative comments that come with it.

We moved to the country and it is wonderful,” she said of her husband, Ed Sinclair, and their three children moving back to her hometown. “That’s where I come from. We never lost our love for London. I love London, but it has become difficult».

When asked what made it difficult, the actress said, “Just the photographers standing outside your door, following you to school” and added: “I was scared. At one point, we were being chased by two cars and I kind of had a meltdown. I was crying and they were laughing».

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Before Colman won the Oscar, there were years when she didn’t work, and she was grateful for that time. He feels that all of that changed when he was on ‘Broadchurch’ because it was such a popular show.

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She admits that she chooses not to go out that often. He admits, however, that he has very good friends and knows the area they live in, so he can go places where he won’t be bombarded by fans.