Simone Susinna denies a relationship with Anitta and says she would like to have a Brazilian girlfriend


In yet another quick visit to Brazil, Italian actor Simone Susinna once again spoke about his passion for the country. He, who was in Fernando de Noronha this weekend, said he would like to get seriously involved with a Brazilian woman and denied a romance with Anitta. The “365 Days: Today” heartthrob also highlighted that he feels “very much at home here.”

When asked if he would give another Brazilian woman the chance to have a romance, the actor didn’t think twice: “Who was the first?” he wanted to know. Upon hearing the singer’s name, Simone continued: “Why are you talking about Anitta? She was my friend”, she replied dryly. He changed the subject and highlighted that he had no reason to avoid Brazilian women: “Why not? I love Brazil”, he told Quem.

Simone and Anitta traveled together during the month of June and the romantic atmosphere between the two was the talk of social media. The singer and the actor appeared together at an event for the Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana, in Puglia, southern Italy, and later shared romantic videos and photos in other places in Europe. They even got tattoos to immortalize the moments.

The affair ended after rumors that he had first tried to start a romance with Bruna Marquezine and failed. Simone and Anitta cut ties.

The actor also explained his connection with Brazilians. “I’ve always felt connected to Brazil, even before I started working as a model. Brazilians love it so much. I think people here are very similar to Sicilians, I feel like I’m at home,” he explains.

Source: Folha

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