At Euro 2024, Slovenia sent Kazakhstan over Greece with a Verbic goal!


At Euro 2024 with… green signature Slovenia!

Matias Keck’s team was the big winner in the “final” of the 8th qualifying group, prevailing 2-1 accepting it Kazakhstan.

The home team also passed with the “X”. However, the Verbich, who came on as a substitute in the 72′, saw it differently and gave them the victory with a spot kick in the 86′. Terrible match from Cherinby Sporar to also begin basic.

A result that also sealed her opponent National of Greece in the semi-finals of Playoffswhere our representative group will face them Kazakhs.

This is the second time that Slovenia will be in the final phase of the European Championship and the first since 2000.

At the same time, for the same group, Denmark -which had already secured qualification- was defeated 2-0 at its headquarters Northern Irelandwhile the San Marino he lost (1-2) but from Finlandhe scored for the third match in a row!

In the “final” now. The huge stakes affected the image of the first few minutes, with the game being quite close at the start.

Of course, the initiative of the movements clearly belonged to the Slovenians. In fact, they had the first good moment in the 7th minute with Stojanovic after a break from Sporar, while in the 34th minute, after a nice development, the promoted Karnicik failed to score for the home team.

The visitors shouted “present” in the 34th minute, when Oblak made a huge “stop” on Beisebekov. A save redeemed for Slovenia just minutes later, with Sesco to win a penalty. He also took responsibility, opening the scoring for his team in 41′.

And yet, the Kazakhs were determined to fight it out as long as they could. That’s where they entered… loaded in the second half, finding the net within three minutes! Specifically, at 48′ Samorontov made a terrific move from the right, cleared his opponent and passed parallel to Orazovwho scored from close range.

In Slovenia, the draw also “did”. However, he immediately tried to regain the lead, having a great chance with a direct shot from Cerin in the 53rd minute. In general, the midfielder of Panathinaikos, apart from the excellent match he played, was a permanent threat to the defense of Kazakhstan through his executions in the static phases.

Then the rhythm died down. Something that naturally suited Slovenia. In the end, the home team found a winning goal, as the… momentum of the newcomer Verbich led them astray, with the middle attack of “trefoil” writing with a placeholder in 86′.

More in a while…

The results in the 8th group:

Slovenia-Kazakhstan 2-1

(41′ pen. Sesko, 86′ Verbic – 48′ Orazov)

Northern Ireland-Denmark 2-0

(60′ Price, 81′ Charles)

San Marino-Finland 1-2

(90’+8′ pen. Berardi – 50′, 58′ Soiri)

The final score in the 8th group:

Source: Sport Fm

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