Alexandre Correa says that Ana Hickmann was drunk on the day of the attack


After the announcement of Ana Hickmann’s interview with Domingo Espetacular (Record), businessman Alexandre Correa commented on the presenter’s statements. In an interview with Quem, he said that her speech does not match that of a “traumatized woman” and states that his ex-wife was drunk at the time of the fight that resulted in a complaint for bodily injury and domestic violence against the businessman.

Correa spoke of a “true injustice on Ana’s part”. Regarding the day of the fight, he said that it was unbearably hot in Itu, where the couple lived, and that the presenter “had already drunk almost a bottle of red wine”.

“I haven’t had a drink in five years,” said the businessman. “And Ana, every time she drinks alcohol in recent times, has become extremely aggressive towards me in front of everyone. I have been humiliated countless times by Ana Hickmann after she drank alcohol.”

He said that the discussion “became heated due to Ana Hickmann’s emotional outburst due to having drunk almost an entire bottle of wine.” He denied threatening to headbutt the presenter, which she claims happened.

To Whom, the businessman also denied that Alezinho, the ex-couple’s son, was present at the time of the fight. “The maids Maria and Valéria caught Alexandre and took him to the room so that he wouldn’t see the fight. Therefore, when she says that Alexandre saw it, she lies. Just as she omits the fact that she was drunk. Ana lies and omit.”

According to him, the two had been sleeping in separate beds for five months.

Correa also said that he is thinking about leaving Brazil and that his parents are devastated by everything that happened.

This Saturday (25), he stated that he wants to speed up the separation for the sake of his son. Ana Hickmann filed a request for an urgent protective measure against her ex-husband on Wednesday (22).

Source: Folha

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