Another afternoon in the kitchen of “My mom cooks better than yours” with singing, dancing, jokes but mostly cooking. Markos welcomes today’s couples, he also has fun with a spoon in his hand… he lends a hand in cooking.

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Sister friends Elli and Katerina they have tried their best and, despite their mistakes, they have won three times.

In this episode, they’ll be rolling up their sleeves and cooking up “caramelized beef and artisan pies,” or at least…trying to.


In the beginning they start well but along the way… they tear it all apart. Will they be able to send a decent plate in front of Hector?

The young Kostas and his future mother-in-law, Frosso, want to stop the marriage of the two girls.


The two do not have the classic relationship of mother-in-law and son-in-law, since she always supports him and Kostas trusts her completely. The two enter the kitchen and will try to prove that their chemistry is unique and their recipe “juvetsi with chicken legs in the pot” unsurpassed. The wrong choice of cookware can cost them victory. But what does Hector think?