They protect me in moments when I need it most, says Ana Hickmann about dogs


Ana Hickmann posted a special dedication to her dogs, this Tuesday morning (28). In the first interview she gave after denouncing her husband for aggression, at the beginning of the month, she said that it was Joaquim, a dog rescued from the streets, who defended her.

In the publication, she highlighted that they protect her when she needs it most. “They speak to me through their admiring eyes, keep me company on difficult days and bring joy to the house. These cuties represent my love for my 15 four-legged children.”

Joaquim was adopted by Ana against Alexandre Correa’s wishes when he was still a puppy, on a road, in February this year. At the time, he was injured and had some cuts. In a video published on the former model’s channel, Alexandre shows the rescue and it is possible to hear him say that there is “no condition” for her to keep the animal.

In the conversation with Carolina Ferraz, she said that the animal attacked her husband.

“My dogs were behind me, Fani and Joaquim, barking a lot because of the fight. As they had seen him scream many times, every time he screamed, the dogs got very upset at home. And then, I I shouted ‘take it’, and Joaquim caught it”, he said.

Source: Folha

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