A Fazenda 15: Cezar Black and Shayan Haghbin return to an ugly argument


Allies in the Paiol group, Cezar Black and Shayan Haghbin returned to an ugly argument on A Fazenda 15. The pair were talking about the latest dynamics, when the ex-BBB man decided to make a joke about the fact that the Iranian revealed within the attraction, that he was once a basketball player. The nurse mocked the pedestrian’s ability and recalled that he was unable to win the Lampião Test, based on the modality.

Shayan was upset by the mockery and the “joke” turned into an exchange of accusations about those who don’t know how to take an acidic comment in stride. “I wasn’t kidding. I’m serious about not liking your comment,” Shayn stressed. “So, that’s it. You don’t like it when people play with you. If you say you weren’t joking and I did, it’s because I have the freedom to play with you”, replied the farmer of the week.

“All things have a moment”, replied the former participant of A Fazenda 14. “Exactly, Shay. The moment is when you want it, the moment to play is when you want. The fact that you don’t like it, so don’t play anymore with anyone, brother”, said Black. Kally Fonseca, who was close to the two, remained silent during the pedestrian fight.

Source: Folha

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