Val Marchiori is involved in new controversy when he criticizes water park goers: ‘Horrible people’

Val Marchiori is involved in new controversy when he criticizes water park goers: ‘Horrible people’

Val Marchiori became involved in a new controversy when he criticized visitors to one of Fortaleza’s main tourist attractions. When asked if she had ever visited a place with high expectations and ended up being disappointed, the socialite spoke of her not-so-pleasant experience at Beach Park, a water park, located in the municipality of Aquiraz, 31km away from the capital of Ceará. Val called the attraction’s visitors “horrible people.”

“So, I didn’t like it, you know… That Beach Park, it’s shit. I didn’t like it there. There were a lot of people (sic), horrible people. That was the biggest problem for me”, explained the businesswoman during her participation in the podcast “Achismos”, presented by Maurício Meirelles.

Maurício disagreed with Val. “It’s expensive to get in there. It’s not that cheap…”. She then interrupted: “I thought it was expensive and there were those fat people who jumped into the pools and got everyone wet. God forbid. I’ll never go back”, she complained.

The presenter highlighted that he liked the park and the warmth of the place. The socialite advised him to go to Disney, United States, but he immediately replied: “But it’s not hot outside” and then Val added: “No odor. Did you know that people pee in swimming pools? At the end of the conversation, the former model asked with laughter: “Will I be sued again?”

Val’s statement went viral on the web and the presenter was heavily criticized by internet users. “I feel sorry for people like you: poor in spirit” said one. “There are so many layers of prejudice in one moment of the interview”, commented the second and the third added: “Don’t set foot in Fortaleza again”.

Source: Folha

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