There has been chaos in the last few hours in Britain after the “accidental” (? ) revelation of the name of the royal “racist”, in copies of the book “Endgame – Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival” by Omid Scobie released in the Netherlands .

In the bombshell interview given to Oprah in 2021 by Harry and Meghan, they expressed their bitterness over the racist comments made by a member of the royal family when the Duchess of Sussex first became pregnant – then someone had “wondered” what color the baby would be.

In fact, this person had expressed fears that the baby’s skin would be quite “dark” and that this would be a difficult event for them to manage.

Harry and Meghan did not reveal the identity of the “racist” but made it clear that it was not Queen Elizabeth or Philip.

Finally, the mystery was solved.

In an excerpt from the book published in Netherlandsit is reported that the person who made the offensive, racist comments was the then prince Charlesnow king of Britain!

In fact, Dutch royal journalist Rick Evers revealed on ITV’s Good Morning Britain that the first name was “very specific”, while a second person“a bit unclear”.

Just released the book and the news, Xander Publishers immediately withdrew the copies and stopped sales in the Netherlands.

Although Charles’ name is clearly mentioned in the Dutch translation of the book, it is not mentioned in the British copies as, according to the author, “the laws in the United Kingdom prevent me from mentioning who they were”.

The same sentence exists in the Italian version.

The Palace has so far not commented on the reports.