Nikolakopoulos: “The Pole of the Paris SZ – Newcastle scandal is playing tomorrow in Freiburg – Olympiacos”


On the occasion of yesterday’s scandal with the penalty in the 97th minute in the game between Paris Saint-Germain and Newcastle, Kostas Nikolakopoulos reported to News Bulletin 247 that the UEFA has defined the particular Pole Kwiatkowski and to the refereeing team of his match tomorrow Freiburg – Olympiacos without having changed him so far while she made sure to “cut” him from today’s match Real Sociedad vs Salzburgwhich had him VAR.

For Freiburg – Olympiacos the pole, Kwiatkowskiis avar, as avar was also in Wolves – Olympiacos 1-0 and by his own suggestion he had Mandy Kamara’s normal goal is disallowed as offside as a result, Olympiacos has been excluded from the knockouts of the Europa League three years ago.

Kostas Nikolakopoulos also recalled the refereeing of another Pole, Stefanski in Olympiacos – Maccabi Haifa in which, with the score at 0-1, he had not given an obvious penalty to the red and whites.

The referee in tomorrow’s match is Bosnian, Pelitowho was also in Olympiacos – Karabagh 0-3, var the Croatian Bebek and avar the Pole Kwiatkowski unless UEFA finally changes him.

Hear what else he had to say about Martinez’s thoughts on Olympiakos’ XI…

Source: Sport Fm

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