Alexandre Correa feels ill during an interview after reviewing Ana Hickmann’s accusations


Alexandre Correa felt ill when reviewing Ana Hickmann’s accusations in a recent interview. The businessman, who participated in the live chat on a podcast, even left the studio to calm down. “Guys, I need a minute. I’m not feeling well because reviewing all this isn’t good for me. I need to drink some sugar water”, he asked the presenters after more than an hour of conversation on Wednesday night (29).

The Record presenter’s now ex-husband denied the attacks. He told his version of what he defined as a “couple’s fight”, which happened at lunchtime on Saturday, November 11th. He said that after a conversation with his mother, the couple’s son became very nervous and started crying compulsively. “I was shaken to see Alexandre in that state and then I started arguing with Ana. The argument got more heated until we went out to an outside area of ​​the house, the barbecue. In the middle of the confusion, she talked about calling the police and I went in screw”.

Alexandre continued the story. “There was no aggression! I never tried to headbutt Ana Hickmann! You don’t stand close to someone and headbutt, either you headbutt, or you don’t. I didn’t kick, I didn’t punch, I didn’t slap”, he said in an interview with the “Chupim” podcast on Rádio Metropolitana FM. “Was the discussion tense? It was. Were harsh words used? Yes. Were there accusations exchanged? Yes, there were. But I have never, never, nor Ana, nor any woman, touched a woman.”

The businessman acknowledged that he is thinking about starting his life again away from Brazil: “At the right time I’m going to travel, I’m going to leave the country. I no longer have a family, I no longer have a job. I was her agent, her husband and now I’m nothing. And I’m going to stay here being called an aggressor? To say that I was canceled would be a compliment, but they are massacring me”, he added.

Correa asked the women and Brazil for forgiveness and said he does not believe in reconciliation. He commented that he still had feelings for Hickmann, who asked for a protective measure against his ex. “I’m really going to have to learn not to love. Sorry, I’m going to have to learn to stop loving. I didn’t stop loving Ana, even with everything that’s already been said [por ela] and with all this massacre”, he stressed.

Source: Folha

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