Kastritis: “We missed a great opportunity”


Yiannis Kastritis emphasized that Aris lost to Trentino in the last seconds, thanked his fans who traveled to this match, promised that they would give everything for the qualification and emphasized how the absences affected his team, which if complete can to claim a good course in the Euro Cup.

Analytically: “It was a very interesting game, with many changes of the score by both teams. Especially towards the end of the fourth quarter we managed to come back, but unfortunately we lost in the last seconds. It was a game of great interest, enjoyed by all the fans except ours because of the result.

I want to thank them for traveling all the way and express my appreciation for coming and supporting us all the way. I want to congratulate Trentino for the win, we, from now on, have to move on, we have nine more games in the Euro Cup, we will give 100%, as we do every time. From now on we have to focus on the next game for the championship.”

On the opportunity that Aris missed to get this victory: “Sure, as the game developed we can talk about a great opportunity, on the other hand we cannot say anything about these guys. Once again today given the absences, I don’t know many teams that can do that. Overcrowded Mars is a big underdog in most of the games you will play in Europe, especially away from home.

When today we have to face an opponent having three important absences for us. I’m just proud of the guys right now, they’ve shown that they’ll play for each other and fill each other’s gaps. Certainly, we are talking about a missed opportunity when you lose in the last possession, but, on the other hand, we, with our extra effort and with the management that the children do, have created the feeling for everyone that even this way they can.

We put in a lot of effort, we always come close and we miss something a little. Certainly, it is a missed opportunity, we are tough as a team, we have shown character, as long as the children fight like this I am sure that the moment will come when the victories and in general the results we are entitled to have in order for the year to go as it should.”

Source: Sport Fm

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