The episode began with a heavy emotional charge. Giorgos Heimonetos broke down in tears thinking about his friend Bo, who was eliminated after the final exit process, as the cyclist chose to save Patrick Ogunsotho, instead of the singer.

Panos Kalidis won the title of leader for the current week, but he didn’t immediately share it with everyone and Tasos reacted strongly!

Patrick Ogunsoto, in his unique style, played in a Charity Game several meters above the ground. In his effort, he had as his assistant his friend, Ioanna Lili, who lent him for a while… her eyes!

Great tension once again prevailed in the Camp. It all started with the upcoming vote and withdrawal. Nikos Vamvakoulas addressing Patrick Ogunsoto said: “Not even your mother knows you.” Patrick knows Greek quite well, but in this case there must have been some misunderstanding. The former football player seems to have understood something else, more serious, and immediately ran towards Vamvakoulas. “You will never tell about my family!” she told him and luckily the cooler ones who understood what had happened managed to intervene.