A Fazenda 15: Kally Fonseca is the least voted by the public and leaves the rural reality show


Just before announcing another elimination, Adriane Galisteu said the participant who left would become a memory in A Fazenda 15 and the one who lost the chance to continue fighting for the R$1.5 million prize was Kally Fonseca. The forró singer received just 9.68% of the public’s preference votes and left the rural reality show on Thursday night (30).

Kally competed to stay on the program with Nadja Pessoa and Radamés Furlan. The influencer was the first salvo in the elimination. “Brazil, thank you. Mom, I’m here for you”, said Nadja, who returned to the headquarters quite inflamed. As soon as she arrived, she provoked other pedestrians. “Only the public will take away from the game and I will stay until the end”, she predicted.

Radamés received the news of having gotten the better of Kally with great emotion. The former player just thanked and wished luck to the forró singer, who said goodbye to the program shouting: “It’s not the end yet! I’m going to keep fighting like I’ve always fought.”

Galisteu ended the voting at 23:52 and continued with his farewell speech for the week, highlighting the weapons and strategies that the participants used to reach the halfway point of the reality show. “Three breads, three ways to play and I can guarantee that in this game there is not just one way to play.”

This was the program’s ninth elimination via popular vote. Influencer Nathalia Valente was the first to leave. Then, actor Darlan Cunha, funk singer Cariúcha, businesswoman Kamila Simioni, influencer Jenny Miranda, model Henrique Martins, singer Sander Mecca and influencer Alicia X.

Journalist Raquel Sheherazade was expelled for breaking the program’s rules and influencer Lucas Souza rang the bell and withdrew from the reality show.

Source: Folha

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