At CCXP, Nicole Bahls has a hard time presenting in English


Luisa Monte

Nicole Bahls and Hugo Gloss were the presenters of the Paramount+ platform panel this Saturday afternoon (2) at CCXP, one of the biggest geek culture events in the world. But the owner of the chickens, goats and horses with the most creative names on the internet had a hard time on the Thunder stage.

Nicole doesn’t speak English and had a tense time interviewing Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo from “The Thundermans.” Before the questions began, the presenter, who has already revealed that she has no desire to join an adult content platform, expressed her nervousness. She was then told that she could speak in Portuguese and her question would be translated.

Despite the guidance, when Nicole asked “what is it like for you to return to the characters after six years”, the simultaneous translation did not work. She even repeated the question, but the interviewees did not understand. Hugo Gloss had to translate her lines.

In the next attraction, with actors Joseph Morgan and Persia White, from “Halo”, the translation worked, but she didn’t understand the answers. Even so, Nicole maintained her sense of humor and celebrated being around the foreign “bofes”.

At the end of the Paramount+ panel, a chorus of “Nicole! Nicole” was formed by the audience, who showed solidarity with the presenter.

Source: Folha

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