A Fazenda 15: Kally Fonseca cries after reviewing her career in the rural reality show: ‘It’s not been easy’


Last eliminated from A Fazenda 15, Kally Fonseca was emotional when speaking for the first time about leaving the rural reality show with her fans. This Saturday (2), the singer said that she managed to review some things from her career and was scared by the very different view she had inside the house about the game. The ex-peon said that she is still assimilating the comments and criticism she has been receiving.

“I had access to a lot. I’m still assimilating and trying to understand the comments and criticisms. It’s not been easy for me. It’s very difficult to see things from the outside, the proportion of my attitudes and it’s sad”, began Kally.

She continued: “I found myself outside of myself many times. I didn’t recognize myself and only I know what I went through inside. Only I know my feelings and how easy it wasn’t.” The former worker then had her voice choked and cried. “Sometimes I understand God’s purpose and you need to leave a place to be able to open your eyes. You need to lose a dream to be able to understand that, if you stayed in that place, you would lose yourself even more”, he acknowledged.

Kally said that she would have liked to have had access to her cell phone before recording the Hora do Faro program, which will air this Sunday (3). She declared her support for Cezar Black as soon as she left A Fazenda 15, but after seeing some scenes from her other colleagues, the former girl changed her mind and nominated Jaquelline Grohalski as her favorite to win the final prize of R$1, 5 million.

Kally was scared by the repercussions outside the program of her participation – Reproduction/Instagram

Source: Folha

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