Alexandre Pires deletes the name of a social media entrepreneur after being the target of searches and seizures by the PF


Alexandre Pires deleted the name of the businessman, Matheus Possebon, from Instagram after his preventive arrest by the Federal Police. The “manager” of the singer’s career is being investigated in an illegal mining money laundering scheme in the Ianomâmi Indigenous Land, Roraima.

Possebon appeared on the pagodeiro’s profile as the artist’s manager until Monday (4), but this Tuesday (5), the name disappeared. He was arrested by the PF on the MSC Precioza ship, where the singer went on a cruise with big names in Brazilian samba and pagode this weekend. Still on the vessel, Pires was the target of a search warrant and seizure. The police also went to the artist’s apartment in Itapema, on the North Coast of Santa Catarina.

The investigation suspects that Possebon is a silent partner in a mining company and would have transferred almost R$1.4 million to Alexandre Pires in a money laundering scheme. The organization has generated around R$250 million in recent years, according to the PF.

Alexandre Pires’ defense informed that he “does not have and has never had any involvement with mining or mineral extraction, much less in an indigenous area”.

In a statement, the businessman’s lawyers considered that Possebon’s arrest “is violence” and that it will “prove that the artists’ career manager has nothing to do with this investigation”.

The operation called Golden Disc was launched by the Federal Police this Monday (4) to investigate a criminal group suspected of illegal exploitation of cassiterite from the Yanomami Indigenous Land and money laundering through illegal mining.

The official PF portal reported that the agents served two arrest warrants – against Matheus and another businessman called Christian Costa dos Santos, in addition to six search and seizure warrants on properties linked to them and Alexandre Pires. The court orders were issued by the 4th Federal Court of the Judiciary Section of Roraima. The actions took place in Boa Vista and Mucajaí (Roraima), São Paulo and Santos (São Paulo), Santarém (Pará), Uberlândia (Minas Gerais) and Itapema (Santa Catarina).

Alexandre Pires’ profile no longer has the name Matheus Possebon – Reproduction/Instagram

Source: Folha

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