A Fazenda 15: Two participants will be eliminated in the next field


Fazenda 15 enters the final stretch in the next few days and director Rodrigo Carelli announced that two participants will be eliminated in the next farm. The final of the program is scheduled for December 21st and there are still 10 pedestrians left at headquarters.

According to Carelli, one of the powers of the rural race will be decisive for the dynamics that will place the pair of participants in the risk zone. “In the next field, five farmhands will sit on the stools. White power will be crucial to this. We will have a double elimination. And many new things to come,” he wrote. After the eleventh elimination, the idea is to speed up the exit of participants. Only three reach the final.

Yuri Meirelles left A Fazenda 15 on Thursday night (7). The model faced Cezar Black and Nadja Pessoa in the 11th season of the season and received just 24.26% of the votes to continue on the reality show. The model’s departure caught fans of the program, as all polls showed the pawn remaining.

Internet users even suggested an alleged maneuver by the program’s management to manipulate the results and let Nadja and Black move the edition that lost important players and considered favorites such as Rachel Sheherazade (expelled) and Lucas Souza (withdrawal)

Influencer Nathalia Valente was the first to leave. Then, actor Darlan Cunha, funk singer Cariúcha, businesswoman Kamila Simioni, influencer Jenny Miranda, model Henrique Martins, singer Sander Mecca, influencer Alicia X, forró singer Kally Fonseca and model Yuri Martins.

Source: Folha

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