Baltakos: “Criminals are the same everywhere – Matches will be postponed after team announcements”


In the criminal attack that took place on the sidelines of the volleyball match Olympiakos-Panathinaikosas well as the developments in Greek arbitrationwas mentioned in an interview by Takis Baltakos.

Initially, the president of the EPO speaking to “Metropolis 95.5” characterized the hooligans who attacked the MAT squad in Rentis – resulting in seriously injured a police officer– as “criminals who are everywhere the same, in all sports».

Regarding the measures that the Federation will propose to the Professional Football Committee for the safety of the referees, he spoke of extreme tightening of penaltiesnoting that these will include postponement of matches after team announcements.

Finally, she also referred to her subject professional arbitrationemphasizing that the EPO it is not it is the oppositebut cannot proceed due to FIFA regulations.

With what is happening, how can everything be good? To a large extent the violence is due to the malicious elements that have infiltrated and the incitements they get from PAE announcements. The criminals who were in Rentis yesterday are the same everywhere, in all sports. Both teams and agents as well as fans are members of society. The only thing that can be done is the extreme tightening of the penalties for everything that is done. I will propose the measures I announced to the Professional Football Commission and they will make the decision whether they will be implemented.

At some point referees should be compensated when their house or shop is burned down. Bika’s house was not burned down by the EPO, but the EPO has to cover the costs because the referees belong to the EPO. Referees have to pay a lawyer when they are sued by the agents and will need to spend the night at the police station.

There are cases when teams, when the referees for the respective competition are announced, react and reach the limits of ridiculousness. When people go to the stadium they have seen the announcement and turn against the referee without having time to do anything. That is why the KED will overrule the referee and the match will not take place and the organizing authority of the championship will see what they will do with the fate of the match. But there will be a catch. It does not mean that with every announcement of a club that the match will not take place. We will be writing to FIFA/UEFA to tighten the penalties on teams mid-season.

The UEFA is not against professional refereeing, but we cannot do it because of FIFA regulations. We have no objection, but it will take some time for something like this to happen in Greece. According to the FIFA regulation in all the countries of the world except England the referee is not allowed to be outside the Federation. We can’t change that.

If the EPO or Government does this, the next day FIFA officials will be in Athens. Regarding what Mr. Beos said after the match with PAOK, he will give evidence to the court. The lawsuit has its counterpart. The referees will defend. Don’t forget that teams cannot appeal to the Civil Courts because if they do they are automatically relegated“, said Takis Baltakos, among others.

Source: Sport Fm

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