BBB 22: From Marquezine to Regina Casé, celebrities are divided in support of the brothers


The Paredão this Tuesday (8) between three participants of the Camarote group divided the fans of the famous outside the house of Big Brother Brasil 22. And the teams of the walled up Arthur Aguiar, Douglas Silva and Naiara Azevedo are publishing the artists on social networks that support the permanence of each one.

Douglas Silva is what brings together the fans of actors and actresses such as Carolina Dieckmann, Bruna Marquezine, Fabiana Karla, Babu, Emanuelle Araújo, Regina Casé, in addition to singers Preta Gil and Jojo Todynho, the latter winner of A Fazenda.

Some celebrities support Silva and also Arthur Aguiar, like Giovanna Ewbank. The actress declared on the networks her preference for the permanence of the interpreter of Acerola, from the series “City of Men” (2002-2005). But she also wrote on Twitter that Maíra Cardi’s husband was the best in this Monday’s Discord game (7) and that she did not understand why he “received so much beating” inside the house.

“I just want to see the crowd fall tomorrow when Arthur Aguiar (nor Juliette) comes back”. Internet polls, including that of F5point out that the actor should be the least voted on in Paredão.

In addition to Ewbank, Sophia Abrahão, Sergio Malheiros and Eike Duarte also defend the permanence of both in the BBB. Aguiar also has the supporters of influencer Pétala Barreiros and singer Ananda.

Naiara Azevedo has the support of singers Tierry, Thaeme, Rionegro (a duo with Solimões), Solange, Luciano (a duo with Zezé Di Camargo), as well as comedian Tirulipa. Influencer Gabriela Pugliesi declared support for the singer and Arthur Aguiar.

There were also those who said they do not want to see the departure of any of the three as the actress and ex-BBB Carla Diaz. “Like Marcia, I can’t let my brother go, never [referência ao personagem dela e de Arthur em ‘Rebelde’]. As an actress, I can’t let Dadinho or Acerola leave. And so, as a woman, I can’t let Naiara out either, because I’m in love with her. No one leaves, let’s pretend that this wall is fake and everyone stays “, she said.

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