Five “journeys” in the history of the review will take place every week, with “starting point” the stage of the Theater of the Society of Macedonian Studies and “vehicle” the emblematic play “Vira tis Angkyres”. With a nostalgic atmosphere but also with a lot of humor, the great musical theater show combines song, dance, laughter and emotion.

It was in 1894 when the first official Greek review “A Little of Everything” was published. The battle of survival fought by the actors and their contributors, against the background of important historical events of the time, is what Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas describe in their work “Vira tis Angyres”.

It is a show that goes up from KTHBE directed by Asterios Peltekis, for the first time since 1997, when it was presented at the National Theater under the artistic direction of the late Nikos Kourkoulos, who wanted to give this beloved genre an opportunity to enter Greek theaters and to be exonerated from a fame that accompanied it during its course.

“I have the honor of being the first person trusted by the successful writing duo, because since then he has not come back, even though many have asked him to. So I am very happy that they do the honor both to me personally and to the State Theater of Northern Greece and in Thessaloniki, the next upload should be the specific one” says the artistic director of KTHBE and director of the show Asterios Peltekis to the Athenian/Macedonian News Agency.

The play describes a … relay race started by Aristophanes and through a labyrinthine route through various cultures, civilizations and countries, returns to the place where he was born, Greece, imbued and enriched with all the cultural and cultural elements of the rest involved, who they received the baton from the first teachers.

“It returned as a unique genre, the revue, which is a purely Greek theatrical genre, which accompanied us throughout the last century and accompanies us even today, with its … ups and downs, with qualitative and non-qualitative approaches of it, as these are characterized by the respective social structure and culture” notes Mr. Peltekis.

Drawing on material from the autobiographies of great protagonists of the time, such as Speranza Vrana, Anna Kalouta, Marika Nezer, Zozo Sapundzakiand combining it with biographical elements of great theater ladies but also with narratives or rumors circulating in the theater, the two authors composed the main characters of the play through “existing materials”.

The circular, rotating scene that the National show had in 1997, directed by the very good connoisseur of the genre Stamatis Fassoulis, will be succeeded by a new perspective, with faster and more cinematic rhythms, with more direct changes and many directorial elements – a surprise, as promised the director.

“We hope that it is a show that will entertain, give us the laughs that we so much need, that will make us think about some things and in an attempt to see where it all came from, with a simultaneous historical path that will try to convey the specific perspective of the climb of this project” says Mr. Peltekis.

The show, presented on the occasion of the completion of 130 years of revue, premieres on Sunday, December 17, at 8:00 p.m. There are more than 35 actors, dancers and musicians who will perform on stage. The performances will be every Wednesday at 19.00, Thursday and Friday at 21.00, Saturday at 18.00 and 21.00 and Sunday at 19.00.