Russia plans to boost its fleet of strategic submarines – capable of launching nuclear-armed strikes – Kremlin strongman Vladimir Putin announced today at a launch ceremony for two new submarines in Severodvinsk (northwest).

In the televised ceremony, the submarines “Emperor Alexander III” and “Krasnoyarsk” were flagged, which will soon join the Russian Pacific Fleet.

At the same shipyard, located about 1,000 kilometers north of Moscow, three more Borei-class strategic submarines are to be built in the coming years. Of this class is the “Emperor Alexander III” submarine, which is 140 m long and is capable of carrying SS-N-32 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The 130-meter-long Krasnoyarsk is a Yasen-class vessel equipped with Oniks anti-ship missiles and Kalibr cruise missiles.

According to data from the Global Firepower website, Russia has the second largest submarine fleet (70) in the world after China which has 78.