Who is Monark, presenter turned off from the Flow Podcast that collects controversies


Presenter Monark won social media and news this Tuesday (8) after stating, during the Podcast, that Nazis should have the right to have a party. But this is not the first time he has been involved in controversies, which have caused the program to lose sponsorships and now culminated in his dismissal.

Monark, whose real name is Bruno Aiub, founded the Flow Podcast alongside Igor Coelho, known as Igor 3K, and the channel already had more than 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube this Tuesday. Together, the two receive famous guests to discuss various subjects.

This Monday (7), he received federal deputies Kim Kataguiri (Podemos) and Tabata Amaral (PSB) when he stated that “the radical left has much more space than the radical right. Both should have space, in my opinion. I think the Nazi had to have the Nazi party recognized by law.”

The statements reverberated in the Brazilian Jewish community, and Monark was removed from the program on Tuesday afternoon, as well as the episode in question was taken off the air. “We reinforce our commitment to democracy and human rights,” Flow Studios said in a statement.

Last year, however, Monark had already provoked controversy and received criticism for saying on Twitter that a racist opinion should not be a crime. “It’s the action that makes the crime, not the opinion,” he said. “They want to criminalize thought. That’s very dangerous. Authoritarianism starts like this.”

After criticism, he said he was misunderstood, but that didn’t stop him from losing some partners, like iFood. “Many people interpreted my defense of free speech as defending heinous views such as racism or homophobia,” Monark explained at the time, calling “such views” “abominable.”

Earlier this year, the presenter also provoked controversy by opposing the mandatory vaccination against Covid, a subject he had already addressed last October, when, in conversation with Antonio Tabet. At the time, he also spoke out against the ban on homophobic speeches. “I don’t like that idea,” he said.

“You know why you don’t like it? Because you’re not in that group, because you’re not a guy who walks down the street and they say: ‘ok, I’m going to kill you.’ Why? ‘Because you exist,'” Tabet countered. before the two continued without agreeing on the matter.

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