A Fazenda 15: Jaquelline, Márcia Fu, Nadja, Shayan and WL are on the farm; vote in the poll


After the eliminations of Cezar Black and Radamés Furlan, the eight pedestrians participated in a special test to define the members of the 13th farm of A Fazenda 15. The dynamic was divided into three challenges, inspired by the disputes of another reality show on the network: A Grande Conquista . The fights required aim, balance and concentration from the participants, who were separated into four pairs.

The pairs, defined by draw, were: Lily Nobre and Jaquelline Grohalski, Nadja Pessoa and Shayan Haghbin, André Gonçalves and WL Guimarães, and Márcia Fu and Tonzão Chagas. The winners of each pair were Lily, Shayan, André and Tonzão. The losers went straight to the 13th field of the program

Jaquelline, Nadja, WL and Márcia Fu had a chance to save themselves from the popular vote this Saturday (16). The winners of each pair might or might not be tempted to win R$30,000 — if they accepted the money, they would swap places with the opponent who lost the duel. They all resisted the proposal and the roceiros were maintained.

As the 13th plot was fivefold, the eight farmhands had to define the fifth plot — among those not already in the special plot. Lily got one vote, Tonzão got three and Shayan got four and ended up occupying the last place in the spotlight.

The two lowest-voted pedestrians will be eliminated on Saturday night (16), forming the Top 6 of the competition.

Source: Folha

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