Jojo Todynho responds to criticism about Christmas gifts for employees: ‘It makes a difference’


After being criticized by internet users for the Christmas gifts she gave her employees, Jojo Todynho explained and defended her choice. On the program É de Casa (Globo), even without being asked about the controversy, she said that the mini panettone and the R$100 presented make a difference for a worker.

“Yesterday, I ordered some mini panettone with teddy bears to be made to give to everyone. And then I took R$100 and gave it to the boys who work at my house. They already receive [salário] Of me, I could just say ‘Merry Christmas’ and give nothing away. But I felt in my heart that I wanted to give them a gift,” she explained.

“For a worker, R$100, R$50, R$20 makes a difference”, he commented. The topic came up when Jojo was talking about how the internet has become a place of unfiltered judgment. The presenters didn’t even ask specifically about the controversy.

She also gave details about the option to have bariatric surgery. According to her, the decision came after participating in “Dance of the Celebrities”, as the teacher needed to adapt steps for her. “I came to understand that my health has to come first,” she said.

Jojo also spoke about her nutritional re-education process and the relationship with physical exercise. “As an artist, I have an obligation to convey the truth to people. I love myself the way I am. My personality has been shaped since childhood”, he commented. “It’s not about the body. It won’t invalidate the woman you are, the mother, the daughter, the friend. It’s about character. It’s about health. You have to take care of your health. Obesity kills.”

Source: Folha

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