‘We had to make this celebration’, says Belo about Soweto’s return in 2024


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Marcelo Pires was already known in pagode circles as Belo in the early 1990s. A cavaquinist who played in several bands, he ended up being promoted to vocalist by the members of a group that was on the rise at the time: Soweto. In 1994, the first album brought success and fame to the pagodeiros from Itaquera (east zone of São Paulo).

But, 6 years later, at the band’s peak, Belo went one way and the other members went another. As the repertoire continues to grow, the group decided to return on a tour that celebrates 30 years of this history. “We had to do this celebration”, says Belo about the 30 shows that Soweto will do across Brazil to mark the date. In other words, prepare your best “Derê! Derererê! Dererererê!”.

In conversation like F5, Belo talks about the group’s expectations regarding the tour, says that he didn’t leave Soweto due to differences and that his values ​​have changed a lot in recent times. He also talked about the experience of acting in productions such as series and films, said he was passionate about classical music and commented on the relationship of complicity that Gracyanne Barbosa has had for 15 years. “She is always by my side, whatever happens.” Check it out below.

In 2024, Soweto celebrates 30 years with a tour of sold-out shows and an audience eager for these performances. Did you expect all this frisson?

The last Soweto show was in 1999 and there are so many artists who were born later and sing Soweto songs without having lived through the era that there is no explanation. We had to have this celebration.

And the public? Are you excited?

We already have an expected audience of 1 million people for this tour next year, we are very excited. In just a few hours, the tickets for the São Paulo show were sold out and we had to open an extra show. The public reception has been incredible.

You left the group and pursued a solo career more than 20 years ago and your name continues to be linked to Soweto. Is there an explanation for this connection?

The group was part of my trajectory and this is a connection that will last forever.

Soweto was one of the most popular groups at the time. Total success and you left the group at its peak. Because you left?

I left Soweto not because of disagreement, but because I wanted to do a job that I couldn’t do within the group. I was very successful because I followed my path, I made room for other things I wanted to do.

What were these other things you wanted to do?

I always considered myself a romantic singer. I wanted freedom for the new, I wanted to follow these new paths. I always liked MPB and wanted to make romantic music, and that didn’t fit into the pagoda of the time.

Why didn’t Marcinho and Digo from Soweto’s old line-up return for this commemorative tour?

Digo and Marcinho are pastors today and were unable to return because religion does not allow it.

What has changed in these 30 years?

I had a maturation of soul. I can say that my values ​​have changed, today I discovered the true value of family, of being close to my children, my wife, my mother. I was always very dedicated to work and didn’t have my own priorities. Music continues to be my fuel, the structure of everything in my life, but today time with the people I love has become a priority.

Cantor Belo recorded two series and a film – Reproduction/Instagram

What was the experience of playing with an Orchestra like? Symphony recently in Rio?

It was a gift I received at the end of the year, something very important for my career, for my story. It was something new, a surprise, a great gift. And I’m also passionate about classical music.

And the handsome actor? I heard that you filmed two series and a film? Is there the possibility of a soap opera? Tell us a little about your other side?

I dedicate myself, I study, I do it with passion and I try to become a professional in everything I do. It has been a very rewarding experience, which has brought me unparalleled professional growth.

If asked to do a more spicy scene, whether in a film or a series, would Gracyanne would you leave?

Gracyanne is my biggest supporter, my pillar, and is always by my side for everything that happens. She is my great partner in life! Yes, she would! (laughter)

Gracyanne has always been more open to talking about sex. She’s even called you ‘cuter’. But you started giving interviews about the subject… Have you stopped being straight? What happened?

She managed to work on my shyness (laughs). She approached the subject, normalized it with her statements and I ended up becoming more comfortable talking about our intimacy.

In a colorful photo, a couple appears exchanging kisses during a photo shoot

‘Gracyanne is my biggest supporter, my pillar’, says Belo about the woman – Reproduction/Instagram

Source: Folha

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