BBB 24: Marcus Vinicius, flight attendant from Pará, is confirmed in the reality show; get to know


Marcus Vinicius, flight attendant from Belém do Pará, was confirmed in the BBB 24 popcorn group. He is 30 years old, was raised by his mother and grandmother and was a pie seller before becoming a flight attendant at an airline.


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“I’ve already had to sell pies on the street”, said Marcus in his presentation. “I don’t want a little from life, I want a lot,” he said. “BBB for me is an opportunity.”

Marcus already completed part of a degree in occupational therapy, but gave up after a two-year exchange in the United States.

When he returned to Brazil, he started giving private English lessons and, following a recommendation from a student, he specialized in aviation.

Five years ago he moved to Guarulhos, in São Paulo, to work at an airline. He also has a degree in marketing and studies acting and singing.

The young man considers himself happy, stubborn and focused, despite his restlessness, which he also highlights as a characteristic, as he is looking to make his dreams come true.

He is single and reveals himself to be the perfect balance between reason and emotion. He says he is courageous, determined and is always willing to stand up and face all situations head on. He declares that he has no shortage of positions and opinions.

He also claims to have natural leadership when in a group, although he has difficulty respecting other people’s time. “I like dealing with people and resolving BO”, she comments, pointing out one quality.

BBB 24 premieres on January 8th.

Source: Folha

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