Mural for the sustainability of cities in the “shadow” of the Acropolis


A new large mural of the Municipality of Athens, with emphasis on the inhabitants of the cities and painted this time on the wall of the Athenian Callirhoe Hotel, on Kallirois Street, gives color and emphasizes the need to create sustainable modern cities.

It is the work of street artist Atek (George Skourlis) and was implemented through the Development and Tourism Promotion Company of the Municipality of Athens (EATA). Captures with the artist’s idiom one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations: “Sustainable Cities and Communities” (Objective 1 1) – reduction of environmental impact, access to green spaces for all, adequate, safe and affordable housing , as well as the protection of cultural and natural heritage etc.

Atek mural is added to a series of murals by the Municipality of Athens that adorn school walls (From the Roots to the Sky program), as well as public and private buildings in the city (ongoing program).

The mural of the Municipality of Athens, according to the relevant announcement, “sends a resounding message about the need to achieve the Goal, while reminding the comprehensive action plan that is underway by the municipal authority for the sustainability and resilience of the city […] From the implementation of small-scale projects, such as the “pocket” parks that green and beautify the neighborhoods of the city to the larger projects, such as the radical remodeling of the National Garden, Strefi Hill, the Plato Academy, the double renovation in Alexandras Avenue and the Botanical Garden. It is also noted that in order to achieve the Goal, Athens cooperates with the World Council for Sustainable Tourism (GSTC), so that it can be certified as a sustainable destination “.

The announcement of the Municipality of Athens also informs that in the near future a 5-minute TV video will be shown on the show “Generation 17” of ERT3, as well as a podcast, produced by elculture in which the mayor of Athens Costas Bakogiannis analyzes the strategy of the municipal authority for a durable city: “We want to motivate the permanent residents to stay but also the new residents to return to Athens. Liberalizing and redistributing public space is a catalyst, but it is not always easy. In Athens, as in most cities of the world, the “battle” that is being fought is for the square meters “, said, among others, the mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis, in the podcast, on the occasion of the creation of the Atek mural.

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