Just Yesterday: Do not miss the stormy developments of the week 14-18 / 2


Dangerous plans that do not have a good end. Lies that are perceived and have the opposite effect than expected. Bold acts that have catastrophic consequences. New shocking episodes of the daily series “Just Yesterday”, from Monday 14 to Friday 18 February at 18.45, on SKAI.

Louisa suspects Spyros of the story with the sedatives found in her blood but she can not prove it. At the same time, it is trying to find a solution to save the Group from the banks. After pressure from Orestes, it ceded most of the Group to Spyros, a fact that catastrophizes it.

Spyros tries to take advantage of Louisa’s story with sedatives to claim Katerina’s custody. He continues his plan for its financial ruin and in part, he succeeds.

Michalis suspects that Elena wanted to hurt Louisa and asks Maria if she understood anything. Besides, he considers her dangerous and does not let her be in the same place with Katerina. When this happens, Michalis and Louisa become furious.

Elena tells everyone that she wants to recover and will seek help from a psychologist. However, she constantly misses her sessions and constantly does careless and dangerous things.

Maria tries to help Elena stand on her feet. But when he realizes her lies, he takes drastic measures and expels her from the house.

Alkis chases Corina to give him another chance. When he succeeds, they decide to face Leda together.

Anna continues her “siege” on Antonis while Jason fights with him again, as there are wounds from the past that are not said to close.

Antonis tells Maria that he has left the house and Daphne and asks her for another chance. But her mind is on Stefanos.

Stathis’ trial begins and Kelly is ready to do everything for her son. It comes down to a daring plan that can be fatal for both of them.

Starring: Apostolis Totsikas (Michalis Gazis), Spyros Stamoulis (Spyros Nikolaou), Marianna Toumasatou (Maria Gazi), Apostolos Gletsos (Antonis Lambrou), Konstantinos Kazakos (Christos Kegagis) L (M) Niki Vakali (Elena Samara), Chryssa Michalopoulou (Korina Lambrou), Nikos Polyderopoulos (Alkis), Renos Rotas (Orestis Kechagias), Eleni Ouzounidou (Varvara), Mary Saousopoulou (Eugenia), Lona Giazolezos Athos Kehagia), Manos Ioannou (Nontas), Gal Robisa (Iasonas Lambrou), Katia Papaioannou (Kelly Pavlidou), Tatiana Melidou (Lida), Andreas Lambropoulos (Thomas), Vassilis Zaifidis (Miltos Christos), Miltos Christos (Vasia), Eugenia Tsaousi (Anna), and Gerasimos Gennatas (Thanos)

Monday to Friday at 18.45

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