AEK: “Obvious and provocative mistakes in the games with Thetida and Panathinaikos”


Letter of protest to EOPE and to ΚΕΔ sent by Amateur AEKwho is protesting against the refereeing decisions in the women’s volleyball matches with Thetis for the championship and with him Panathinaikos for the Cup.

The “Union” speaks of “provocative and dietary errorsWhile asking her exception of the arbitrator found in those two matches from its future matches.

In detail, the announcement of AEK:

«AEK informs that today 11/2, it sent a LETTER OF PROTEST to EOPE and KED for the games of women’s volleyball, AEK-Thetida for the 18th game of the championship and PAO-AEK for the quarterfinals of the Cup.

AEK has suffered many times from injustices due to refereeing errors, which, however, it has considered as human and has not proceeded to any kind of reaction. Referees are people, they make mistakes, negligence, we accept that they can be found even on a bad day. However, just as AEK respects human error, so it demands respect from the referees, as well as to prove that their mistakes are human. In the aforementioned games, obvious and provocative mistakes were made against our team, which judged the winner of a set and therefore, greatly altered the final result, after depriving AEK of claiming victory, even through the tiebreak. In both cases, the common denominator was the referee himself.

In the match with Thetida, in a crystal clear phase in the most decisive point of the second set, he “converted” the out indicated by the supervisor and which was seen with the naked eye in “inside” and so instead of becoming 2-0 set in favor of AEK, it became 1-1. This is a phase that took place in front of the eyes of the supervisor, who immediately indicated the right out. Unknown for what reason, the referee took the responsibility and indicated “inside”. The video of the match, which was televised by AEK TV, is of course available to EOPE and KED. It is also noteworthy that she was FORBIDDEN to the captain of AEK at the end of the match, to sign the footnote on the match sheet, with her reservation for the specific phase!

In the Cup match with PAO, and while the score in the first set was 21-23 in favor of AEK, our athlete, Sofia Kosma, won a block out for 21-24, but the same referee (as second), attributed a net to AEK athlete and indicated to the first referee to count the point in favor of PAO! AEK requested a VAR check, but again the second referee went to check it and confirmed its own wrong decision, blaming a violation because the end of Kosma’s hair touched the net !!!

AEK made this video available to EOPE and KED, where it is clear that no part of the body of the AEK athlete touched the net, unlike the PAO athlete who touched it with her face. The justification of the whistle that Kosma’s wavy hair touched the net, really causes us grief and of course it contradicts the Rules.

In conclusion, AEK denounces the behavior of this referee as provocatively biased against us and requests the immediate intervention of KED. And of course it asks for its exclusion from all AEK games in perpetuity “.

(The image attached by the amateur AEK)

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