BBB 24: ‘Nobody has the obligation to know me’, says Amanda Meirelles about Rodriguinho


Ana Cora Lima

With 68.9% of the public votes to be the BBB 23 champion, Amanda Meirelles swears that she was not shaken by the comment that singer Rodriguinho made on the second day of the current season. The former lead singer of the group Os Travessos stated that the doctor had such an insignificant participation that no one remembered her. “To this day, I don’t know who won the last edition”, mocked the pagodeiro.

“No one is obliged to remember what the person did or what they didn’t do. Rodriguinho has no obligation to know me because we are different areas, but I think it’s complicated for you to enter a program and not prepare yourself”, she says to F5. “As a player, he should have studied the dynamics, the rules beforehand and, then, he would meet some participants. It didn’t bother me because he didn’t know me. I just think it’s strange that he’s interested in joining, but doesn’t study the game.”

Based on her own experience, Amanda says that it is still too early to declare her support. “I’m still confused because there are so many players. There’s never been so many, right? (Laughter). There’s also the fact that I’m only giving a few glimpses into the program, but I like Davi Brito. He’s authentic”, she points out. “I also like Yasmin Brunet and Wanessa Camargo. In fact, at the beginning everyone there is calm and the atmosphere is one of peace and love. From then on, things get more complicated.”

Amanda, who is living in São Paulo, has not yet returned to work as a doctor in a clinic or hospital. She is dedicated to a project to combine medicine with communication. “After I participated in Mais Você and Encontro, I started to see myself as a health communicator and that’s what I’ve been doing on Instagram”, she says.

“I want to break the distance between healthcare professionals and people in general,” he explains. “I try to talk about prevention and diagnoses in the most accessible way possible. What I want is to have a network bigger than my profile.”

Source: Folha

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