BBB 24: See how sincere’s first time on reality was


The leader Lucas Henrique, 29, and the couples Beatriz, 23, Davi, 21, and Lucas Pizane, 22, were the first candids of BBB 24. The dynamics shook the house after the brothers and sisters had to answer four questions about the cast.

See how each person answered the questions.

1) Who is the cookie baker in the house?

Lucas Henrique pointed out Beatriz, and said it was because of the parties.

“If you think it’s bad, there’s a beautiful button in the room, press it and leave.” replied the sister. “There’s a party on Wednesday, in the name of Jesus, there’s no one holding me back.”

Beatriz pointed out Lucas Henrique, as a way of responding to the brother.

David pointed out Nizam, “Try to talk about his life, what he’s been through”, he said.

Lucas Pizane pointed out Marcus, “The joke comes to generate attention. It can come across as disrespectful,” he said.

2) Who is the house plant?

Lucas Henrique pointed out Raquel, “I feel like she’s a little behind on the information.”

Beatriz pointed out Vinicius, “I see a very great neutrality in him”

Davi pointed out Lucas Pizane, “he gets really carried away by his friends’ games at home.”

Pizane replied that he doesn’t play with his brother.

Lucas Pizane pointed out Ráculo, “I couldn’t get close to her.”

3) What is the podium for each one?

Lucas Henrique put it together like this: him, Leidy and Vinicius.

Beatriz put it together like this: her, Deniziane and Alane.

David set it up like this: him, Isabelle and Giovanna Lima.

Lucas Pizane put it together like this: him, Fernanda and Nizam.

4) Who doesn’t win BBB 24?

Lucas Henrique pointed out Davi. “I end up reading it as arrogance when you say you’ll definitely come back from the wall.”

Davi replied, “I have confidence in my game. Maybe you have a completely wrong interpretation of me. I don’t think it’s arrogance.”

Beatriz pointed out Lucas Henrique. “Because of your arrogance. You didn’t tell me that I pushed you at the party. You want to point out other people’s flaws, but you don’t get around to telling the truth right away.”

Lucas Henrique replied, “I’m not the person who comes to expose my game”.

David pointed out Lucas Henrique, “you’re a guy who points out people’s flaws, but doesn’t talk. You’re not communicative.”

Lucas Henrique responded again, “I don’t feel confident to talk about the game with you [Davi]”.

Lucas Pizane pointed out Davi. “The way you position yourself ends up breaking the line of disrespect.”

David replied: “The situation that happened yesterday [leia sobre aqui] It doesn’t concern you. If you had talked to me, you would understand me. There are situations that we can tolerate up to a certain limit. You didn’t feel what I felt. You’re defending your friend.”

The dynamic served to make the house want to talk about the heavy atmosphere that had arisen. To be seen.

Source: Folha

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