BBB 24: Rodriguinho suggests that Isabelle tries a seduction scam to do well in the game


Some men from BBB 24 have caused controversy due to some statements considered sexist. And in the early hours of this Monday (22), there was another example.

In a conversation between Rodriguinho, Juninho, MC Bin Laden, Vinicius and Luigi, it was suggested that Isabelle is trying to pull off a seduction move to go further in the game.

The speech happened after Juninho told Vinicius to be careful with Isabelle’s game, as she might want to use him. “Unfortunately, we know that sometimes things work out this way,” she said. Afterwards, Rodriguinho stated that this could be a “pussy coup”.

Isabelle’s team on social media was outraged and accused the men’s wing of misogyny, sexism and machismo.

“Unfortunately, discrimination and the reduction of women only to sexual acts still persist as a worrying reality today. Verbal violence, prejudice and subordination are just a few examples of the different ways in which this problem frequently manifests itself”, says an excerpt outburst on social media.

“Given the fair play and integrity that Isabelle has demonstrated, we will not tolerate her being diminished and reduced to a ‘ssy coup’ by a man to whom she has already made it clear that she has no interest,” adds the team.

Source: Folha

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