BBB 24: Isabelle argues with MC Bin Laden: ‘big guy only for women’


Isabelle, 31, was unhappy with the hints that MC Bin Laden, 30, gave her in the early hours of this Monday (29). The funk singer discovered in the leader’s room that the influencer voted for his ally, Lucas Henrique, 29, to go to the wall and found the nomination absurd. Then he went to inform Rodriguinho, 45, about the matter.

The MC walked in front of Isabelle and said out loud that he had discovered a possible falsehood about her. This is because he already tried to recruit his sister to his group while insinuating that she was manipulated by Davi, 21.

Isabelle did not accept the attitude and argued with her brother. After being called two-faced by the funk singer, the influencer retorted: “you’re fake, fake, gossipy and manipulative.”

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The singer began to imitate the dancer’s mannerisms during the discussion, “why do you look like that? Talking loudly and gesturing?” He questioned. “It’s a full moon and when it’s like that I’m lit,” he replied. Even without mimicking Isabelle’s behavior, the MC continued to have an imposed voice.

“You keep rubbing shoulders with the wrong person,” said MC Bin Laden. “Tell me a situation like this”, asked the sister. Without a concrete response from the funk singer, the influencer responded: “you [se faz] Big one just for women, right?”

After the discussion, the MC admitted to his allies that he wanted Davi to join the fight. Elsewhere in the house, Isabelle pointed out the leader’s lack of courage in not saying things directly to David. “One thing I don’t like is gossipy males,” said the walled-in sister to her friends.

Source: Folha

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