BBB 24: MC Bin Laden accuses Marcus Vinicius of manipulating Wanessa Camargo


After being considered the “gossip of the house” in Sincerão this Monday (29), MC Bin Laden decided to show that he is paying close attention to the movements of the BBB 24 brothers. In a conversation with Rodriguinho, Pitel, Fernanda and Juninho , the singer accused Marcus Vinicius of manipulating Wanessa Camargo in the game. “He manipulates, guys. He’s manipulating,” he said.

It all started after Rodriguinho complained about the flight attendant’s behavior. “Marcus is shooting himself in the foot. He has this habit of: ‘next week I’m going to change the game, I’m going to put whoever wasn’t on the wall’. He’s saying that to everyone”, observed the pagodeiro. “He’s really making this move,” agreed Fernanda.

Bin Laden then recalled Marcus’s closeness with Wanessa in recent days and repeated: “He manipulates people.” Soon after, the funk player recognized that he had a strategy to destabilize not only the participant but also other rivals: the division between Xepa and Vip. “Marcus, Yasmin, Giovanna, Alane… There’s someone else at Xepa who’s freaking out too,” he listed.

“Look at his face! I don’t think he ever thought so much about his VIP selection. Like: ‘I got it right'”, observed Fernanda. “He sang this song to me long before he became leader, he said: ‘you have to think about who goes to Xepa, because people will go crazy and start fighting with each other”, added the confectioner.

“Look who’s in my VIP. Ane, who’s good. Raquel. Leidy, because I’ve already distanced her from Marcus”, said Bin Laden, exposing his strategy and trying to pass it on to his allies.

Source: Folha

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