‘I consider it a victory’, says Dani Calabresa about Marcius Melhem no longer being able to mention his name


Leonardo Volpato

Immersed in a case of alleged harassment that seems to have no end, comedian Dani Calabresa says she can no longer bear talking about this subject. Present at the second night of samba school parades during the São Paulo Carnival, she avoided giving interviews and left the box surrounded by security guards after taking some photos, but quickly responded about the recent decision of the São Paulo Court banning Marcius Melhem, whom she accuses of harassment, of mentioning her name.

“Thank you, Justice, I consider this a victory. I don’t want to know his name in my life”, he summarized.

The São Paulo Court prohibited Melhem from publicly mentioning the name of comedian Dani Calabresa, as well as that of actresses Carol Portes, Veronica Debom and Renata Ricci and their lawyer Mayra Cotta.

Since December 13 last year, Melhem has been prohibited from mentioning women by their nicknames, stage names or “other codes of reference”, such as the example used in the decision — “harassed from Taubaté”. The defense of the actor and director did not appear at the Sheet.

Defendant accused of sexual harassment against three women, Globo’s former comedy director also cannot mention the content of the lawsuits or investigations he is the subject of. Otherwise, he will have to pay a fine of R$50,000.

Source: Folha

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