Gleici Damasceno talks about racism on BBB 24: ‘If the hood fit’


Karina Matias

BBB 18 champion, Gleici Damasceno says she loves watching and commenting on the reality show, even saying that some people criticize her for it. “After I participated, I watched even more,” she says at the Copa Ball, this Saturday night (10), in Rio de Janeiro. The actress’ positions on BBB 24 have already sparked controversy, including with another guest who is present at the traditional Copacabana Palace party: the model and businesswoman Luiza Brunet.

On X, formerly Twitter, Gleici even insinuated that Yasmin Brunet, Luiza’s daughter, and Wanessa Camargo were being racist towards the participant Davi. “These girls are being racist, I said it,” she wrote after an episode in which the model and singer said they wanted to take Davi out of the room.

Gleici later deleted the comment. She was later notified extrajudicially by Yasmin’s legal team to recant. “It’s that saying ‘if the shoe fits’, because I never mentioned anyone’s name”, she says.

“I believe that these programs are an important moment for us to debate this topic that is so important, which is the issue of structural racism, especially in Brazil, it is an evil that we suffer a lot from,” she says. “As long as these people who are racist, and I’m speaking in general, are more uncomfortable with the fact that they are labeled as racist than with the fact that they hit someone with racism, we are not going to change society”, he adds .

Gleici assesses that, given the current scenario, Davi should be the champion, but that she also supports Isabelle, her “neighbor in the state”. Gleici is from Acre, and Isabelle, from Amazonas. “I think she’s sensible, intelligent,” she says.

After participating in the Copa Ball, Gleici says he still plans to go to Sapucaí to see the Grupo de Ouro parades. “I want to be young tonight,” she jokes. This year, she will be in the Disney+ series “Tarã”, which also stars Xuxa and Angélica. “I play a warrior. I’m super excited.”

Source: Folha

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