The actor from the new generation of Hollywood who would be the ideal Rambo – if a similar film were to be made again – was suggested by the legendary Sylvester Stallone.

Speaking on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, among others, Stallone mentioned the actor he would like to take on the iconic role of John Rambo.

As the 77-year-old Stallone said today, if he were ever to give the role to someone younger, it would be ‘Ken’ Ryan Gosling.

“If I ever pass the baton, I’m going to pass it to him because he loves the character,” Stallone told Jimmy Fallon.

He said he met Gosling at a dinner party, and the Oscar-nominated Barbie star couldn’t stop gushing about his admiration for the film and how the character had influenced him as a child.

“Ryan tells me, ‘I was fascinated by Rambo, and I’d go to school dressed as Rambo, and people would push me away.’