Papanikolaou: “We want the Cup very much, nothing is a foregone conclusion”


The special importance that each title has for Olympiakos was emphasized by Kostas Papanikolaouat the press conference ahead of the Final-8 of the Greek Cup.

The leader of the “red and white” spoke about the will that exists to win the Cup, but also the difficult start against Peristeri bwin.

I wish to have a good event, good success to all the teams. Health is an important factor, as both coach Zouros and Spanoulis mentioned. The images that will remain after the tournament I hope will only be beautiful. And the images that will be engraved mainly in the memories of young children and will help them choose the path of basketball and sports in general, from the beautiful side of“, he initially reported and added:

There is no way in the life of a champion athlete to claim a title and consider it negligible. Every title is important, that’s why we play, to win titles and achieve goals and get better every time. It is a title we want very much, we will fight for it, nothing is a given, especially in a format like this where anything can happen. We say favourites, but we know very well, and history has shown it, that everything is played on the four lines and you have to approach every situation with respect, to get the best out of you.

We will start on Friday against a team that has solid foundations and rules, a mentality to win and everything a championship team should have. We do not take anything for granted, we will try to achieve what we need within the four lines».

Source: Sport Fm

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